Continuing to work with your pet at home in-between visits in the clinic is one of the most important aspects of successful physical rehabilitation. Just as you would not expect full results by going to the gym only once a week, your pet will also not receive the full benefits of their program without continuing the work at home.

We provide home exercise programs that may include a walking program, stretching, range of motion, and balance or strengthening exercises for all of our rehab patients. Most of these programs can be completed with materials that you have in your home, but occasionally we may recommend purchasing specific equipment for your pet.

The key to any successful home program is being able to actually complete it! During your initial consultation we will discuss what time restrictions, financial restrictions, or physical restrictions that you may have that may limit a home program so that we can make recommendations that are realistic for you and your pet. We encourage our clients to communicate with us via phone or email throughout the process so that we can help troubleshoot problems that may arise at home, or make adjustments when needed.

Additional resources for home exercise programs can be found under our Client Resources tab. Here you will find exercise and activity log sheets to help track your pet’s progress, a pain scale to help determine if your pet is uncomfortable during their program, and the 7 key principles of exercise to make sure you know the basics of a safe home program.