The benefits of water on the recovering body are numerous and an underwater treadmill is a great option to provide these in a safe environment for your pet. The natural buoyancy of water decreases the effects of gravity on the body by up to 90%. This allows post-surgery or post-injury patients to rehabilitate with limited impact on joints and muscles, reducing or eliminating pain.

The hydrostatic pressure of water helps to stabilize joints and decrease swelling, while the thermal properties of the warm water help to relax achy muscles, improve range of motion, and control muscle spasms. Resistance jets provide additional challenges for our advancing patients and improves weight loss, and the natural detoxifying properties of water promote overall health and wellness.

Once pets get used to being in the treadmill, they really enjoy it! We can use the treadmill for many conditions including neurological injury, post-operative recovery, weight loss, strengthening, and conditioning.

Here at Up Dog, we use an AquaPaws Treadmill. The water is kept at a soothing, warm temperature and is sanitized with a UV sanitation system. To ensure sanitation, please walk your pet immediately prior to the treadmill to prevent elimination in the water. Also, if your pet has had diarrhea in the previous 24 hours, they will not be able to participate in the treadmill session, so please notify us of any gastrointestinal issues prior to your appointment!

Please contact us for more information and pricing if you feel an underwater treadmill may be right for your pet!