The ageing process is not always a graceful one! These days, our pets are living longer and we are lucky to have this extra time with them, but watching their mobility decline as they age is hard for many pet parents. Many of our senior pets suffer from osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and other underlying medical conditions that can complicate their treatment.

Since the ageing process cannot be stopped, their conditions tend to progress over time. Our goal is to slow that progression, help them maintain their independent mobility for as long as possible, and keep them as comfortable as we can in their golden years. Many times, our senior pets can benefit from long-term rehabilitation and their program is often changing and evolving to accommodate their needs. When caring for senior pets we often focus on pain management, consistent low impact activity, strengthening and body awareness, as well as using assisted devices and mobility aids when needed.

Dr. Badge holds a special place in her heart for senior pets and is passionate about seeing them live their best lives! While Dr. Badge does still offer general medicine services with West Orange Veterinary Hospital, she will be strictly focusing on mobility concerns when seeing them for rehabilitation at Up Dog. Since mobility consultations and therapy appointments are often very in-depth visits related to mobility, we ask that any other medical concerns be addressed at separate appointments through West Orange or with your regular veterinarian.