No one wants to be in pain, and watching your pet suffer from discomfort is just as concerning for pet parents. Pain control is an important part of the rehabilitation process and we strive to make sure your pet as pain-free as possible. We may recommend different medications, treatments such as cold laser therapy or massage, and/or nutritional supplements to help your pet reach their full potential.

Pain control and joint protection is typically handled in a multi-modal approach, meaning often more than one treatment is needed concurrently and we will help you find the right combination that fits your pet’s needs and your budget.

If we feel that more advanced pain control therapies are indicated such as joint injections or shockwave therapy, we will refer to you a specialty practice for those services as we are currently not offering those treatments at Up Dog.

More information on some of the products that we recommend can be found under our Client Resources tab at the top of the page.

Not sure if your pet is in pain? Check out our “Is My Dog In Pain” questionnaire under the Client Resources tab to help understand the signs of discomfort in your pet.