Dr. Badge starts every rehab evaluation with a mobility consultation. This is a 90-minute exam that is scheduled as a drop-off appointment so there is no need to have you wait in the parking lot. Since we are still offering curbside service during COVID, this is a more convenient option for most clients.

During this exam she will evaluate your pet’s joints and muscles to determine their problem areas and may recommend further diagnostics to help determine the extent of your pet’s condition. You will then be contacted by phone to discuss the findings and preliminary recommendations. Within 72 hours of the appointment you will receive a detailed email outlining very specific recommendations for your pet. In general, Dr. Badge focuses on providing recommendations related to pain control, physical rehabilitation, home activity modifications, and weight loss/nutrition counseling if needed.

Each consultation includes one complimentary service based on your pet’s needs. This may be cold laser treatment, massage, manual therapy, or other service depending on what is found during the exam. The drop off appointment gives us more time to work with your pet within their tolerance and provide these treatments.

Each consultation also includes an initial home exercise program that will be emailed separately and will include written instructions, pictures, and videos demonstrating each exercise.

Our rehab patients are treated like royalty at Up Dog! Our number one priority is to make sure they are as comfortable and fear-free as possible. They are provided thick orthopedic beds during their stay and are always given a lot of love and affection while they are here. We want the rehab experience to be a positive one for both you and your pet!

While Dr. Badge does still offer general medicine services with West Orange Veterinary Hospital, she will be strictly focusing on mobility concerns when seeing them for rehabilitation at Up Dog. Since mobility consultations and therapy appointments are often very in-depth visits related to mobility, we ask that any other medical concerns be addressed at separate appointments through West Orange or with your regular veterinarian.

If you are interested in scheduling a mobility consultation, please contact Caitlin to discuss things further! She will obtain your pet’s medical records, go over pricing, and provide you with new client rehab forms to fill out prior to scheduling your visit.