Manual therapy is the use of one’s hands to assess and treat soft tissue abnormalities, joint dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain. Specific techniques such as joint mobilizations and glides, joint compression, trigger point release, and stretching are used to decrease pain and improve function and many of these therapies can be used to help reduce the risk of injury as well. Techniques focused on relieving adhesions secondary to surgery can also improve comfort and mobility in post-operative patients.

Massage improves circulation throughout the body. This helps decrease swelling and edema as well as reducing pain, improving flexibility, and relieving anxiety. Massage is not only relaxing for humans, but our canine and feline friends also enjoy this treatment!

Here at Up Dog, we perform manual therapies, stretching, and massage on nearly all of our rehabilitation patients, and many of these treatments can be taught to pet parents so that you can continue to help your pet improve their comfort and range of motion at home.

These services are included in the cost of physical rehabilitation.